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J2-Reliance enables businesses of any level of technological maturity to increase their efficiency and personalise their services by leveraging Machine Learning Technologies.

Bespoke Solutions
Data Strategy Consulting
Technology Transfer
Bespoke Solutions

We build tailor-made algorithms which integrate within your existing environment, thus enabling a fast adoption and avoiding an increase in the number of tools your team has to learn and master.


We develop bespoke analytics and machine learning models and solutions in an incremental manner to solve a specific business problem we qualified with you.


We deploy these solutions at scale as APIs serviced on your data platform and integrated within your existing tools.

Advanced R&D

We conduct more advanced R&D projects with our academic partners and expert network to ensure your solutions stay on the edge.

Data Strategy Consulting

We help you identify worthwhile problems to tackle, choose promising development paths, and conduct projects in a way that ensures they deliver tangible value.

Identify problems and opportunities

We help you identify opportunities for data-driven improvements within your business and prioritise the problems to solve based on estimated ROI and difficulty.

Technical assessment

We help you assess the technical level of your teams and partners to identify areas of improvement.


We help you plan, manage and monitor your developments, from R&D to deployment and scaling.

Technology Transfer and Integration

We help your organisation increase internal competencies to ensure you can autonomously develop, maintain and improve new data-driven tools

Internalising code

We develop machine learning libraries for your internal use and help you establish best practices to continuously maintain and improve them.


We provide data literacy training for your decision makers, technical training for your engineers, and executive coaching to help you smooth the cultural transition involved.

Setting up your team

We help you set up your own data science team and integrate it within your business to ensure they generate value.

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