Your AI Partner

We enable businesses of any level of tech maturity to increase their efficiency and personalise their services by leveraging Machine Learning Technologies.

Founded by machine learning experts and an executive coach and former industry executive, our team ensures you tackle high-ROI problems, leverage the most adapted techniques, lead projects until operational deployment, and foster continuous improvement

What We Offer

We enable your business to increase performance and reduce costs

Predictive tools deployed across all business units will help you reduce waste and stockouts, e.g. by forecasting demand more accurately, save time and focus your efforts on the highest ROI tasks, e.g. by predicting likely customer churn and manage your staff more efficiently, e.g. by predicting attrition.

    We have developed machine learning models to:
  • Predict demand in big retail chains to optimise orders
  • Diagnose and prevent stockouts to increase availability
  • Automatise medical image analysis to facilitate lung disease diagnostic

We enable your business to reach the right customer with the right offer

Machine Learning based recommender systems offer countless opportunities to make your business relevant for every individual. They will provide personalised basket supplements to your customers, make relevant introductions within your social network, or enable you to provide personalised care to your patients.

    We have developed Recommender Systems to:
  • Enable personalised recommendations by retailers
  • Provide individualised insights in high-throughput biomedical data
  • Perform specific text to image retrievals to fulfil user queries

Our Keys to Success

Technical and Methodological Excellence

We are founded by Machine Learning scientists from top institutions and with multiple publications and other academic contributions. We maintain close links with cutting edge academic research institutes (University of Cambridge, Mila, UCL,...). We partner with the best specialists in our expert network for every aspects of a given mission: technical, managerial and human.

Transparency and

We say what we do and we do what we say (no magic AI). We put in place transparent evaluation metrics to compare the models we build for you with your alternatives, ensure you get the best possible performance and foster continuous improvement. We transfer knowledge and expertise to ensure that the tools we deploy are understood and provide sustainable value.

Comprehensive and Bespoke Approach

We help you prioritise use cases, scope and plan projects to ensure the right problems are solved and that projects are completed, deployed and integrated within your existing tools and systems. We provide adapted training and consulting to your stakeholders to ensure the tools are adopted quickly and efficiently. We rely on 20 years of experience in consulting and executive coaching.

Our Services

We build tailor-made algorithms which integrate within your existing environment to enable fast adoption and avoid increasing the number of tools your team has to learn and master.

We also focus on growing your competencies and autonomy by transferring knowledge and expertise to your organisation.

Bespoke Solutions

Development of bespoke algorithms and software from POC to deployment at scale

Data Strategy Consulting

Opportunity studies, technical assessments, project scoping and roadmap definitions

Technology Transfer and Integration

Executive and technical training, data science team setup and integration

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Our Leadership Team

Damien Arnol
PhD and MPhil in Machine Learning and Bioinformatics from the University of Cambridge. Graduate from Ecole Polytechnique (X2010). Previously at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Centre and IBM Research
Tristan Sylvain
PhD in Machine Learning from Montreal institute of learning algorithms (Mila, Y. Bengio’s lab). Graduate from Ecole Polytechnique (X2010) and Oxford (MSc Computer Science). Previously at Axa and Keyrus.
Jacques Arnol
Engineer ENST 77. NLP Master Practitioner Executive coach for 20 years. Previously, multiple executive functions in industry and services and member of a ministry cabinet. Author of Entreprendre dans un monde en mutation.

And our ecosystem, talent pool and partners