Three specificities, one core-purpose

After having worked more than thirty years in international and multicultural contexts, we are deeply convinced that differences are richness. We have developed and exercised specific skills to ease management and interpersonal communication, enabling companies to turn this richness into a valuable asset.

A company’s history is the foundation of its culture. It enables us to understand individuals’ and teams’ way of thinking and doing, and thus facilitate harmonious changes: this is one of the cards we have learned to master.

Our mastered practice of NLP, enriched and enlightened by our terrain operational experience, provides us with keys for helping managers and executives to lead their company and their teams more efficiently and more serenely.



And one core purpose: to promote a more meaningful way of managing businesses and organizations, by better reckoning with the human dynamics at stake. Because building the future needs imagination, conviction, cooperation, dedication and sense.

Our actions

Individual leadership coaching

The management of a company lies on its people. We have been coaching more than 40 company executives for the past 10 years. We are so confident in our ability to make a difference to your organisation; we include a hassle-free termination clause in all our contracts. In spite of this, we have retained 99% of all our contracts to the very end.

Team coaching and training

The efficiency of a company relies on how well its teams work together. We have trained and coached dozens of teams in France, United Kingdom, Brazil, Tunisia and China, on projects where the human component is key: company reorganisation, exercise of authority and leadership, project management, control of conflicts, improving communication etc …

In-depth work on organisational Culture

To identify, promote and share the profound identity of a company reinforces its cohesion and ability to adapt. We have written history books about more than 15 companies and collectivities. Our work highlights these companies’ cultural specificities, their DNA, and turn them into a lever for the company.

We address your problems

...while mobilising the ressources embedded in your organisational culture(s)

Efficiently manage teams sharing different cultures

Different generations, nationalities, professions, origins

Defuse conflicts, either internal or external… or turn them into an asset

…through controlling their dynamics and preparing your organization to face them

Our team

They trust us

Our clients: diverse, all around the world, from SMEs to multinational corporations

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