Install the conditions for enabling a sustainable development for your start-up

…through giving structure without rigidity

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In a start-up, roles are not always very well defined. Everybody is committed, without measuring his time or his pain. Improvising is often the rule: it is mandatory to be truly reactive, and a lot cannot be foreseen! Nothing ever happens as you had anticipated. And it is OK like that, that is part of the fun, isn’t it?

But, when the start-up is growing up, this conduct reaches its limits. New people are hired, who didn’t take part in the initial adventure. Customers are more and more demanding, and don’t want to forgive “youth’s errors” anymore. How will you climb successfully these steps of the growth?

You want to:

  • Follow a better-structured process… without the rigidity of large companies?
  • Reduce improvisation… while retaining agility?
  • Define everybody’s role more tightly… while retaining dedication and commitment?
  • Anticipate the risks of a rapid growth… without slowing down your development?
  • Defuse or control the potential conflicts among the associates, or within the staff?team 4

We offer you an executive coaching, relying on our thorough experience in accompanying start-ups, focused on helping you to:

  • Better understand your own behaviour at work, and, if necessary, introduce well-thought changes, through taking a step back
  • Coach your own staff, thus easing the transition between start-up and sustainable company
  • Rebuild your collective processes and ways of reasoning, deciding, planning, managing
  • Anticipate and tackle difficulties with method and serenity

Our experience:

During the last four years, we have coached five start-ups in different fields, either as professionals in J2-Reliance or as volunteers in Réseau Entreprendre®. We helped these young businesses to progress from the early stage towards a more structured and more efficient management, while retaining the start-up mindset, made of willingness, reactivity and enthusiasm. We also have trained entrepreneurs for more then ten years, within the Institut de Locarn.

Do not hesitate to contact us: we have designed a specific offer, enabling every start-up to benefit from a premium executive coach.

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