Have teams that are more dedicated, more committed, more efficient, more reactive, and more adaptable

In short, building the dream-team is feasible!

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You want to:

  • Increase the reactivity and the agility of your business
  • Make your teams more creative
  • Keep the turnover of your employees as low as possible
  • Increase commitment and motivation


If you are among those who, despite their experience — or thanks to it — agree to be put into question,

If you believe that a business that is not sharing a logic of continuous progress is condemned to wither and die more or less quickly,

If you believe that such a continuous progress also depends on the way your managers keep on improving themselves,


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Then we can coach you and coach your managers, individually or collectively, in order to:

  • Reinforce their leadership skills, thanks to a specific personal development work
  • Improve their communication, specifically in managerial contexts — goal definition, delegation, rewards or sanctions —
  • Enhance their efficiency, through mastering some methods for decision making in complex background, risk assessment, priority management…  


Our experience:

Jacques has twenty years of personal experience in project management and executive direction, followed by about the same amount of time as trainer and coach as associate in two different businesses. At J2-Reliance, we have trained or coached hundreds of managers and teams, in different-sized companies, and in different business fields, in France, in the UK, in Brazil, in China, in Morocco, in Tunisia…

We enabled them to better coach their own teams, to organize more efficiently their business or their service, to manage time and priorities, to define attainable and still ambitious goals and to fulfil their action plans, analyze risks and ensure their projects, make sound decisions… We are focused in particular on new management modes, enabling businesses to deal with today social new expectations. We help companies to empower their employees, in the way that Issaac Getz speaks of “liberating your company”.

Our approach is deeply influenced by the pragmatism of anglo-saxon management approaches, and by the Palo-Alto school. For more than ten years, we have enriched this approach by development, with our historian Jeanne, a specific way of assessing specific levers, embedded in the history and the culture of each business, for going forwards and upwards.


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