Efficiently manage teams sharing different cultures

Different generations, nationalities, professions, origins

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Working efficiently and harmoniously with people sharing different views of enterprise, of authority, of management, of customer relationship, of work, etc. is all but intuitive! And when everyone understands in a different way what he is asked to do, this becomes a genuine challenge. Which should nonetheless be tackled.


You want to:

  • Speed up an implantation abroad?
  • Manage successfully a recent acquisition of a business?
  • Improve the operation of multicultural teams?
  • Speed up the integration of gen Y or Z teammates?

We can:

  • culture 3Help you to limit misunderstandings caused by cultural differences
  • Help you to get your decisions to be better understood and accepted, and to put them into action successfully
  • Reinforce the cohesion of your business, through helping you to install a company’s shared culture
  • Help you to keep the local teams and their management fully committed, after the acquisition of a foreign business

Our experience:

We have spent more than thirty years working in international environments. During the last fifteen years, we have accompanied our French clients in their international implantations, in China, in Brazil, in Morocco, in Tunisia or in the United Kingdom, and we have trained their managers: leadership, project management, quality management, principled negotiation…

We rely in that respect on our own works regarding history and culture; on the works of specialists such as Geert Hofstede — a Dutch social psychologist — and Richard D. Lewis — a British linguist; on our mastered practice of NLP and of principled negotiation; and on our own professional experience abroad and with international companies.


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