Efficiently conduct your strategy, even in an uncertain and changing context

ponton brouillard

Keep going forward despite the mist

Five-year plans aren’t credible anymore today. Zapping is far too risky. So, how build a sound business strategy in a world continuously changing?

You want to:

  • Give or refine marks and direction to your business, while retaining agility
  • Make your business go straight towards your strategic objectives, while retaining adaptability and flexibility
  • Help your teams to align their way of conduct to the business’s strategy, for an enhanced efficiency

We can offer you individual or collective coaching, founded on structured approaches, to help you:

  • stratégie 1Precise the “excellence zone” of your business (its “hedgehog”, following Jim Collins’ definition)
  • Assess the fundamentals of your business, its “invariants” which constitute its DNA, basis of a sound strategy
  • Align your day-to-day behaviour and your actions with your business’s strategy

Our experience:

In the twelve last years, we have successfully helped dozens of businesses, small to medium, in defining their strategic goals and plans, and we have regularly facilitated executive seminars on these topics.

We base our coaching practice in particular on Jim Collins’ works related to strategy and management in “build-to-last companies”; on our own experiences as executives in large companies; and on our specific approach through history and culture of a given business. Depending on its DNA, a business cannot go into any direction, nor anyhow. A sound strategy has to take this into account, in order to turn these specificities into assets.

We have designed a tool, named “Vision”, enabling to structure the strategic reflexion and the following plans of action, with flexibility and pragmatism, while aligning the decisions with the history and the culture of your business, whatever the size and the domain of the business.

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