Defuse conflicts, either internal or external, or turn them into an asset

…through controlling their dynamics and preparing your organization to face them

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Tensions, latent conflicts between colleagues or services, conflicts with a client or a provider… those difficult or simply unpleasant situations cost time, energy, motivation… and, of course, money.

bomb-154456__340Nobody wants conflicts, but sometimes they arise without warning. And when it occurs, rather deal with it than try to hide it or avoid it at all cost. The worst way to cure a conflict is to ignore it.

You want to:

  • Better anticipate potential conflicts within your business or service, or with your partners, in order to be able to defuse them
  • Deal efficiently with an already existing conflict

We are able to provide you with a response, fine-tuned to your specific problem:mains

  •  We can analyse, together with you and your teams, the operation of your business or service, to identify and tackle the potential triggers of conflicts, and help changing the inappropriate or conflict-prone attitudes
  • We can help you assess the lessons that a recent conflict could teach you, to be able to design preventive actions
  • We can train your teams to defuse and keep conflicts under control
  • We can offer you an individual coaching, to help you to terminate in a proper way a conflict in which you are involved


Our experience:

Jacques has thoroughly studied polemology. He has designed a method, which he has first experimented both as an executive in the industry and as a member of a Minister’s cabinet. This method relies on NLP or such approaches in matter of interpersonal communication, and on the works of specialists of war, conflicts or negotiation, namely Frédéric Le Roy, General Sir Rupert Smith, Roger Fischer, William Ury, Olivier d’Herbemont, Bruno Cesar… and of course Sun Tzu and Clausewitz…

He has coached several executives and managers to help them to deal more efficiently and more serenely with difficult situations, such as: an open conflict with a competitor; a latent conflict between a head of a service and several of her team members; several cases of conflicts between managing directors and one of their subordinate managers having inappropriate behaviour. He has also trained tens of managers to defuse and keep under control conflicts. He regularly gives conferences on these topics. He is a registered trainer for the Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants (Centre for Young business Leaders).


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